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Revive - Seated ice bath from €4.939
Ah, the Revive modern design Ice bath, a masterpiece in the art of chilling. Imagine it – you, enveloped in a snug cocoon of Ice Blue, or perhaps you prefer the Earth Grey vibes, grounding yourself in nature's cold embrace. Effortless Maintenance - The top access filter design simplifies maintenance, ensuring quick and easy access for regular cleaning and upkeep. No plumbing needed - Within a few simpel steps the ice bath is ready to fill and plung in where-ever. Designed for every climate - The system will perform in the cold as well as in the burning hot. The Revive is a stand alone system therefore no plumbing is needed. Just weighing in at just 145 kg dry that makes moving it a breeze. Filled weight? 345 kg. That's stability, my friend. Ice bath crafted with the finest Poly Ethylene, so it's a cold haven that laughs in the face of wear and tear. A 50 Square Feet surface area filter ensures your dip is crystal clear. Top Access Filter and High Volume Skimmer. A Standard 1.3kW chiller that Goes as low as 37,4°F (+3 °C).  In the realm of chilling, the Revive modern design Ice bath is a maestro, orchestrating a symphony of comfort, style, and unwavering stability. Specifications


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