Faith™ - Rock ice bath


Faith™ - Rock ice bath

Product description

A one-person retreat that looks like it was carved by Mother Nature herself. It's not just a natural stone ice bath; it's your personal wellness haven. Our rock-inspired design isn't just for looks (though it's pretty darn cool); Faith comes with a powerhouse – a chiller that keeps your water a brisk 37,4 °F (3 °C).

  • Premium Ice bath with insulation
  • High performance chiller keep the water cold 37,4 °F (3 °C)
  • Built in filtration
  • Natural stone ice bath made of Natural Stone & Poly Urethane

But wait, there's more! Easy step-in access ensures you don't need to be a ninja to get in (or out). And don't worry about the water – our built-in filtration system keeps it crystal clear. It's like having your own spa, only way cooler (literally).

Premium insulation? Oh yeah, we've got that too. So, while you're out there channelling your inner Wim Hof, Faith natural stone ice bath has your back, making sure every dip is a symphony of nature and wellness.

So, what are you waiting for? Step into Faith, crank up the cold, and let nature's rhythm guide your wellness journey. Because with Faith, it's not just a bath; it's a rock 'n' refresh experience that'll leave you feeling unstoppable.



Faith Ice Bath is more than a stunning piece of wellness equipment; it's a return to your primal instincts. Its distinctive rocky design, inspired by the rugged beauty of natural stone, not only captivates with its aesthetic charm but also awakens your innate connection to the elements.

As you immerse yourself in the Faith Ice Bath, you'll feel an ancient call, resonating with your primal instincts. Its harmonious integration with the environment evokes a deep sense of serenity, transforming your cold therapy sessions into profound journeys of self-discovery.

Experience the fusion of beauty and primal connection with The Faith Ice Bath, where every dip is a step back into your true essence.


Our ice bath comes equipped with a highly efficient chiller, ensuring that you maintain the ideal cold temperature consistently. This chiller is designed for optimal performance, guaranteeing a refreshing and invigorating cold therapy session every time you step in.


The Faith ice bath features an easy step-in design, ensuring a hassle-free and safe entry into the invigorating cold waters. With a low-profile entrance, it's effortless to step in and begin your wellness journey, making your cold therapy experience comfortable and convenient.
Featuring a 50 square foot filter and a built-in skimming module, our system ensures your bath maintains crystal-clear, inviting blue water.


Faith Ice Bath isn't just a cost-efficient wellness solution; it's a mindful investment in your well-being. Crafted with energy efficiency in mind, it's designed to help you save on operational costs. The ice bath's PU (Polyurethane) insulation adds to its exceptional efficiency, allowing you to relish the rejuvenating benefits of cold therapy without breaking the bank. Choose Faith Ice Bath and embark on a journey of wellness that's both economical and revitalizing.


At Passion Ice Baths, we are dedicated to crafting exceptional ice baths and fostering enduring relationships. We prioritize your satisfaction not just today, but for the long haul. Drawing from our extensive experience in the wellness industry, we meticulously design and construct top-tier ice baths, utilizing premium components. We stand firmly behind our products, offering unwavering support to our valued partners and customers, ensuring your journey to wellness remains exceptional.


The Ice man's barrel™ €2.965
The 360L barrel is always included with a step and seat inside. And is roomy enough for a person up to ca. 204 cm, and because of the seat it will be comfortable as long as you love the ice water.  Wim Hof Ice Barrel, a testament to precision, authenticity, and the transformative benefits of cold therapy. Co-created with insights from the legendary Wim Hof. Fully insulated: with top-tier insulation. Revel in cost efficiency as the insulation maintains stable temperatures, optimizing your icy immersion. Enjoy prolonged sessions, heightened recovery, and maximum comfort. Wood-Look Design: Embrace the rustic charm of our ice barrel with its striking wood aesthetics. The barrel's visual appeal is not only an embodiment of sophistication but also a harmonious blend of nature-inspired design and modern functionality. Chiller Technology: Immerse yourself in the perfect cold therapy temperature with our state-of-the-art chiller technology. This innovative feature ensures that your ice barrel maintains an optimal chill for an invigorating and effective cold plunge. Integrated Step and Seating: Convenience meets comfort with the built-in step and seating. Easily access your ice barrel using the integrated step, while the comfortable seating invites you to relax and indulge in the full spectrum of cold therapy benefits. Wim Hof Method Harmony: Crafted in alignment with the principles of the Wim Hof Method. Our ice barrel allows you to integrate the teachings of the "Iceman" into your daily routine. Experience resilience and empowerment as you embrace the cold. Regular sessions in our Barrel promote improved circulation, faster recovery, and heightened energy levels for a holistic wellness experience. Mind-Body Connection: Immerse yourself in the cold and cultivate a profound connection between mind and body, fostering mental clarity and resilience. Elevate your wellness journey with the Wim Hof Ice Barrel—a symbol of style, functionality, and the embodiment of the Wim Hof Method. Order yours today from Passion Ice Baths and embark on a journey to embrace the chill. Specifications
Revive™ - Seated ice bath from €4.939
Ah, the Revive modern design Ice bath, a masterpiece in the art of chilling. Imagine it – you, enveloped in a snug cocoon of Ice Blue, or perhaps you prefer the Earth Grey vibes, grounding yourself in nature's cold embrace. Effortless Maintenance - The top access filter design simplifies maintenance, ensuring quick and easy access for regular cleaning and upkeep. No plumbing needed - Within a few simpel steps the ice bath is ready to fill and plung in where-ever. Designed for every climate - The system will perform in the cold as well as in the burning hot. The Revive is a stand alone system therefore no plumbing is needed. Just weighing in at just 145 kg dry that makes moving it a breeze. Filled weight? 345 kg. That's stability, my friend. Ice bath crafted with the finest Poly Ethylene, so it's a cold haven that laughs in the face of wear and tear. A 50 Square Feet surface area filter ensures your dip is crystal clear. Top Access Filter and High Volume Skimmer. A Standard 1.3kW chiller that Goes as low as 37,4°F (+3 °C).  In the realm of chilling, the Revive modern design Ice bath is a maestro, orchestrating a symphony of comfort, style, and unwavering stability. Specifications
Breeze™ - Ice bath with current €6.045
Embark on a special journey with the Breeze Ice Bath with current, co-created with Wim Hof. This isn't just a typical ice bath because it's a mix of technology and ancient wisdom, redefining your cold therapy experience. Compact design for easy placement and space efficiency. Ice bath with jet current Improve metabolism Unique collaborative design with Wim Hof Standard cover included for added safety and insulation. And feel the dynamic force as the Breeze's jet stream penetrates your body's thermal layers, delivering an unmatched cold therapy experience. Because it's not just about chilling; instead, it's immersing in a transformative hug designed for those who crave something extraordinary. In this unique collaboration with the "Iceman" Wim Hof, the Breeze transcends typical cold plunges. It blends modern innovation and age-old cold exposure. In this special partnership, ensure you don't just face the cold; instead, welcome it as essential to your overall well-being journey. The Breeze Ice Bath with current is a gateway to revitalization, ensuring a unique experience. Whether you're a devoted Hof follower or an explorer enhancing recovery, step into the brisk arms of the Breeze. And let its current carry you and immerse in a realm of ultimate rejuvenation. Specifications
Vital-ICE™ - Group ice bath from €26.395
Introducing the Vital-ICE™, a colossal group ice bath designed for communal rejuvenation! Dive into a world where 7,500 litres of chilling potential unite up to 13 individuals in an icy symphony. The sturdy build, combining Aristech® Acrylic with Vinylester and Polyester, ensures a robust and luxurious group experience. Ideal for group therapy, accommodating up to 13 people for a shared wellness experience. Beat the cold together, Vital-ICE™ group ice bath is not about ego it's about we go. Stand, sit, or swim — you decide! Feel the solidarity of a wellness voyage as the high-volume skimmer and standard 1.3kW chiller join forces, creating a haven with water ranging from refreshing to invigorating 37.4 F° (+3 °C). Our standard cover not only protects the vitality within, but also adds a touch of elegance. This isn't just a group ice bath; it's a shared plunge into the extraordinary. Gather your tribe and let the Vital-ICE™ be the epicentre of your collective well-being journey. Embrace the chill, and let the transformative power of ice therapy connect and uplift you all! Specifications
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